Partition strategy for long term storage for chat groups

Hi - i’m looking to use pinecone to store long term memory from chat sessions. Essentially just the highlights, summaries, entities from conversations - so that it can be scanned in advance of answering a future question. I’m wondering: is the partition strategy to use a Namespace per group of chatters. So that when that group re-convenes - it’s looking only at their history?

For my app, it’s okay to not be able to search across chat groups.
Namespace per group sound right?


Hi @bigrig

essentially you could be using namespaces or metadata with conversation IDs (or the convening group ID). All operations are contained on one namespace, so if you use namespaces there will not be any other filtering. If you use metadata you will query on some default namespace and use filters.

You might be interested in this: Using namespaces vs. metadata filtering

Hope this helps

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Perfect - thanks @Jasper. Sounds like Namespace is similar to metadata under the hood. I would have thought it would convey a performance boost - but since it doesn’t sounds like not much reason to use Namespace except that maybe it makes code easier to read / harder to make a retrieval mistake.

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