OpenAPI definition?

Hey @greg ! In this post you mentioned an OpenAPI spec.

Can you please publish it? I’ve seen another person request it, doesn’t seem like an awfully hard thing to do.

I know that the gRPC API wouldn’t be compatible and I’d be happy with just having the HTTP API published! Although if you wanted to publish the gRPC service definitions I wouldn’t be sad about that either :slight_smile:


following up here @greg

Hey @nikhilshinday we’re in the process of refactoring the API spec and plan to make it available soon. What are you hoping to do with it? Maybe there’s a way we can support that sooner.

@greg any updates on the OpenAPI spec? Would love to use it for a project I’m building! thanks.

I key use is creating you own chatGPTs (custom ones on chatgpt) which supports openAPI without the ability to import the schema calling out to vectorstores like pinecone is not possible .

This is part of the add actions within creating your own GPTS ChatGPT - ActionsGPT competitors like Qdrant do this and this makes seamless integrations with vectorstores possible ReDoc

So in short pinecone is missing out on a major integration

@greg can you advise if there is an OpenAI spec for pinecone? I’d like to use it to create a custom GPT, but so far finding it hard to tell whether one exists.

Any advice would be great, even if it’s a no. Thanks!

We have a spec we share with integration partners only for now. We are buttoning things up before we make it public in the coming months. Custom GPTs is a great use case for this.

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