One of our serverless clusters is not returning any data now, but was yesterday

One of our serverless clusters stopped sending back any results this morning. We are still using pods as a backup, but we aren’t planning to do that forever. The number of vectors in the serverless cluster is the same as it was yesterday.

What can I do to investigate this?

Hi @michael1, when you state the index “stopped sending back any results,” do you mean that the query responses were empty?

If possible, please share the code you’re executing and a sample response (or, in the case of an error, the full stack trace of the message).

We are filtering on some fields that aren’t in the metadata, but we’re doing a $ne and it was working fine before.

I can reproduce it directly with the API with the following post data:

	"namespace": "{{ }}",
  "topK": 200,
  "includeMetadata": true,
  "filter": {
		"someColl": {"$in": ["some-id"]},
		"someValue": {"$ne": "some-value"}
  "vector": [...]

This is failing when someValue isn’t in the metadata. I also notice that it returns docs when the someColl filter is removed, so it’s a combination of the array $in check and and the $ne