No "convert to serverless" button on console

I am trying to convert an existing free gcp index to serverless. The documentation says to go to the index in the console and click “Convert to serverless”. Howver, there is no “Convert to serverless” button or link I can find on the console. My index is

We only support conversion for gcp-starter indexes. We will be releasing support for moving indexes to serverless via collections soon.

Thanks for the quick reply, I think this is a gcp starter index, note its URL.

To clarify, your index is a pod index in a legacy free-tier environment us-west1-gcp-free. Currently, only indexes in the gcp-starter environment can be converted to serverless, but as @gdj0nes said migrating other indexes to collections will be available soon. Stay tuned for the announcement!

I got notice that conversion is now available for my index and followed the steps described. However, my new serverless index has no data in it even though the old index was well populated. I notice now that there is an incident with serverless index creation. does that mean that the data was lost during conversion?

I now notice the correct vector count even though the stats show no data used so, pending further testing, the convert did work.

There can be a slight lag before migrated data shows up in new serverless indexes, but as long as you’re seeing the expected vector count then the migration was successful.

Regarding the Write Units used, migration to serverless is free and doesn’t count against free-tier quotas, so that’s correct.