Need help figuring out why delete embedding API is not working

I am currently trying to delete an embedding using its ID, when I run it through Postman I can see that API is returning 200 OK response but when I fetch the same embedding using its ID then I can still see its data i.e. vector and everything else. The API is returning 200 response but embedding is not getting deleted. However, when I specify a namespace then it works as expected.

Is there any way to delete an embedding using its ID without specifying a namespace?

I have multiple namespaces in my index.

I am using below API:

Hi @vivek.alhat. Namespaces are a key component of Pinecone, and are required for all operations involving vectors that are stored in them. By not specifying a namespace you are essentially using the null namespace, so if you had a vector matching that ID there it would be deleted.

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VectorIds are not globally unique in an index. You need to specify the id + namespace or else it will only search for the ID in the (default) namespace. However you are tracking ids you should also be tracking the associated namespace.


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