My index got removed and assigned a new name

Dear Support team at Pinecone, something really strange happened on my account. The index where I’m upserting vectors got assigned a new name and now it’s not loading any vectors on the web UI. I had close to 90k vectors that don’t seem to appear, plus my collection got removed as well. However, I continue to be able to ping and upsert additional vectors via API, and I’m able to see that they continue to be added. In my account, there’s a huge discrepancy between the web interface and the API right now. Please can someone take a look into it? I need to recover my index to show up under my account. Thank you very much in advance

@regutonlabs what’s the name of the index you were working with, and what is its new name?

Hey @Cory_Pinecone , thanks for getting back! I just checked and it went back to normal both collection and the index.
For your reference, original index name is “books-ada-mvp-metadatatext” and yesterday web ui was showing this index “books-ada-mvp-metadatatext-8cc5922” without any vectors. Hope that helps.
In any case, it seems resolved now! Thank you!

Hey @Cory_Pinecone, disregard my previous post. Same discrepancy re-appeared and happening again. My Index “books-ada-mvp-metadatatext” along with my recently-created collection are gone from the web ui. “books-ada-mvp-metadatatext-8cc5922” index showing now… Please kindly advise. Thank you in advance.

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