Most efficient way to upsert one SKU (ID) that may have multiple vendors?

I have a retail product based project.

This project has the vector ID as SKUs.

1 vector represents 1 product.

It also involves multiple vendors who may or may not offer the same SKU, but at different prices.

AND it involves webscraping from these vendors.

Here lies the issue.

How do i resolve having one ‘product’ with different vendors associated?

I want to display a ‘product’, and when you click on it, you can see everyone who carries it.

I have some general ideas in my mind, but they all seem to come with headaches (ex composite IDs cluttering the topK)

What makes the most sense to me at the moment is to use an intermediary database that hosts what traditionally would be the metadata in pinecone, and only storing the semantic value of each product in pinecone. Thus, when the user input queries pinecone, pinecone returns an ID (SKU), and that SKU is tied to an item in my intermediary standard DB.

I really appreciate any help!