Metadata returned empty

I successfully ingested 15 vectors with metadata based on specific document, and created embedding for my prompt. Then I successfully queried the pinecone, only to discover that it returns empty metadata… Any ideas why?

List<EmbeddingsData> embeddingsList = mEmbeddings.CreateEmbeddings(QRichEditCtrl.Text, "en-US");

                if (embeddingsList != null && embeddingsList.Count > 0)
                    float[] floatArray = Array.ConvertAll(embeddingsList[0].Embedding.ToArray(), value => (float)value);
                    ScoredVector[] scoredVectors = await mIndex.Query(floatArray, topK: 10);
                    List<ScoredVector> scoredList = scoredVectors.ToList();
                    ScoredVector maxScoredVector = scoredList.Aggregate((i1, i2) => i1.Score > i2.Score ? i1 : i2);
                    string ID = maxScoredVector.Id;

Hi @dev,

if you have any underlying code from the Query method that would be helpful :slight_smile: (or at least which client you are using).

If this is your own code, make sure, you are using the include_metadata=True in your requests, otherwise the metadata will not be returned.

Hope this helps

Hi! I have the same issue. Any update on this? I have set include_metadata to true and I have made sure that the metadata that is being uploaded is correct.