Metadata query filter by regex?

" Pinecone’s filtering query language is based on MongoDB’s query and projection operators. We
currently support a subset of those selectors."

I can’t use regex for query filter: “HTTP response body: {“code”:3,“message”:”$regex is not a valid operator",“details”:}"
Give me support. Thank you.

Hi @sangbuinhu,

We don’t support regex search on metadata filters today. It’s on our roadmap for the future, though. As the piece you quoted points out:

We currently support a subset of those selectors.

$regex is not on that list. For the full list of MongoDB operators we support, please see our documentation.

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@Cory_Pinecone is your roadmap public? It would be great to understand some of these features that are coming soon. Wild card matching, regex matching or even fuzzy matching would be super useful, especially when LLM outputs can be dirty.

PLEASE RELEASE THIS SOON, having full use of the MongoDB Query operators is a must. We need it! I want to be able to match parts of my metadata.

+1 this would be very useful