Metadata problem

Hi guys

When I am trying to upsert document with pinecone, I see this error “ErrorWithoutStackTrace: PineconeClient: Error calling upsert: ErrorWithoutStackTrace: metadata size is 210710 bytes, which exceeds the limit of 40960 bytes per vector”

How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you

You’ll need to upload less metadata per record. A common reason for this error is uploading large documents. Often times the solution is to split large documents into chunks before embedding them and upsetting to pinecone. Typically a large document is not well represented by a single embedding.

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Thank you, I was wondering if I can do the chunk spliting on pinecone? How do I do it?

Right now, I am using langchain to upload text into an index.

I am not even sending any metadata to the index, but I still get the error. Why could that be the case?