Metadata field is missing from Similarity search

All of my vectors have 5 metadata fields as show in the screenshot. However when I run a similarity search I only see 4 of them in the response.

Is text field is being dropped due to it’s size?

Pinecone showing 5 fields for metadata

Similarity search output is missing the field text

Hi @ali-habibzadeh. This is odd. Could you share the original code you’re using for the query and printing out the metadata? I want to confirm there isn’t something unexpected in how you’re printing the metadata. Be sure not to include any API keys.

Since the index browser displays it we know it’s there. And there are no size limits on returning metadata in Pinecone. If there were, the index browser wouldn’t show it, either. So something else is going on.

I think this is a Langchain behavior, where text is a magic field that converts to page_content in the Document object. You can see it being removed from the metadata object here in Langchain’s pinecone wrapper.

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