List results from query in a specific order other than by score


I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to sort the output of your results using a specific parameter other than the similarity score.

Currently, I retrieve the ID numbers of the xx newest items from my relational database and use these IDs as input filters to list the corresponding vectors, ensuring I get the latest entries. Ideally, I’d like to merge the capabilities of the relational database with the vector database to achieve optimal results.

Essentially, I want to directly sort the results based on a time parameter stored as metadata for my vectors, similar to how SQL allows for ordering.

The logic behind this is to have a list of documents (vectors). If the user has not input any search query for a similarity search, the system should default to showing the newest documents in the list. Additionally, if the user has selected a suboption, it should default to the newest documents within that suboption.

I could show this using a relational database, but i would love to skip this step :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi @s170559, thanks for your post. This is an interesting use case, and I’ll be sharing the details with our product team for their consideration.

At this time, query results must be sorted as a post-processing step. Beyond our metadata filtering capabilities, other filtering steps must also be performed in post-processing.