Legal semantic search application

I am trying to replace the sample documents with my own documents in the legal-semantic-search application (sample-apps/legal-semantic-search/docs at main · pinecone-io/sample-apps · GitHub), however it is not clear if the db.json in the docs file will be automatically generated or if this is something that needs to be manually created? Please can you explain this part further?

Thank you

Hi @martybhoy2009, and welcome to the Pinecone forums!

Thank you for your question.

The db.json file is a sample file that simulates a means of providing additional metadata about your documents - since there’s a number of ways you could opt to do so in your production app:

  • A Flatfile, like db.json
  • A traditional RDMS like MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Document-level metadata like Frontmatter which would require additional parsing

For the purposes of the sample app, the db.json file is static and manually created.

Therefore, if you’re trying to swap in your own PDF files, edit the entries in db.json so they match your files.

Hope that helps!


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