Java client question

When using the new Java client with some code pulled from the examples in the repo I see that my PineconeConnectionConfig always returns unauthenticated unless i set withConnectionUrl to be my pincone server connection url. Is the example out of date?

We are in the process of updating examples package completely and releasing v1 for java sdk. So can you please post more details on what SDK version you’re using, your code base, and the error message.

I’m using the one from the examples, 0.8.0. I’m directly consuming the example code. It just gives me an unauthenticated exception.

io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNAUTHENTICATED: Unauthorized
	at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.toStatusRuntimeException( ~[io.grpc-grpc-stub-1.45.1.jar:1.45.1]
	at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.getUnchecked( ~[io.grpc-grpc-stub-1.45.1.jar:1.45.1]
	at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.blockingUnaryCall( ~[io.grpc-grpc-stub-1.45.1.jar:1.45.1]
	at io.pinecone.proto.VectorServiceGrpc$VectorServiceBlockingStub.upsert( ~[?:?]

I think I see why in the implementation of the package. The address is wrong that it tries to connect to by default. The string that it builds and what is provided to me from the pinecone UI differ, so it would make sense that if it tried to connect to the default it would fail. I don’t know why they differ, probably because I’m evaluating the free version?

I think you might be using incorrect project id. Check out this section: