Java Client not listed in official clients

This client GitHub - pinecone-io/pinecone-java-client: The official Java client for the Pinecone vector database

Is not listed on this page Pinecone clients - Pinecone or the community one. Is it not an official client?

Hi @ben.nelson. It’s official insofar as we built it, but it’s not GA yet, so it’s not listed on the official list of clients. We’ll be shipping v1.0.0 of it very soon, after which it will be.

Thanks for the confirmation. Do you have an expectation of when that release might be?

We are aiming to release before the end of next week.

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We’ve released the V1 of our Java client! You can learn more about the changes in the latest release here. Please let us know if you have feedback

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Awesome!!! Thanks for all the hard work!!!

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