Is there an excel template to calculate the estimated prices for pinecone

As GENAI startup company, is there a template to calculate the estimated cost prices of pinecone.
I mean if I have new GENAI project for new client, and I want to sell him my complete GENAI solution; but I need a way to calculate the expected cost of pinecone services and add on it my margin.
I know there is pricing sheet for pinecone, but I need for example xl sheet with parameter ( such as the size of the client files) to be able to estimate the pinecone services.


Hi, @obadarneh99, and thanks for your question.

We recommend trying out a small proof of concept of your app (it could be as simple as starting with a Jupyter Notebook) to flex a similar use case against the system and then check your actual usage report.

We’ve found it too easy for folks to draw incorrect conclusions when using a spreadsheet or calculator like this.

I hope this helps!