Invalid certificate for new asia-northeast1-gcp index

After creating a new index (starter plan) I observed that a valid certificate is not getting generated for the “asia-northeast1-gcp” pod/instance. At first, I thought it might need more time but, after following up the next day, I’ve yet to see a valid certificate created. I tried deleting and recreating the index (wondering if it could have been a temporary issue) and I’m seeing the same behavior.

I appreciate any help in the matter. Thanks!

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Hi @steven.serrata,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you share the full error messages you’re seeing?

Hi @Cory_Pinecone, I’m seeing your standard “SSL verification” errors on the client side, since the certificate for my pinecone instance is invalid.

For example, Chrome reports “Your connection to this site is not secure” but, if I try to consume via langchain, curl or python, I get a similar SSL verification error.

Can you paste full screenshots of the errors? It’s hard to debug what’s happening with the limited information we have here.

If you’re working in the asia-northeast1-gcp region, you may be encountering issues with API keys due to our incident in that region. Please click the header at the top of this page for more information.

Hi Cory, it’s definitely not API key related, simply a matter of the pinecone endpoint not having a valid SSL certificate:


I assume these are generated when a new index is created. In my case, my certificate does not appear to have been properly generated/signed.