Internal Server Error When Uploading Embeddings to Pinecone

I am writing to follow up on a previous concern regarding an “Internal Server Error” I encountered when uploading embeddings to my Pinecone index. Upon further investigation, I’ve identified a new issue that may be related to the initial problem, and I seek your assistance in resolving it.

Until recently, I was able to upload my entire dataset, including embeddings and associated metadata, into Pinecone without any difficulties. However, starting this week, I’ve observed that only a partial subset of my data is successfully uploaded before the process is interrupted by the aforementioned server error. This change in behavior is puzzling, as there have been no modifications to my code or the data structure that I am aware of. The process that was working flawlessly just last week now seems to be partially failing.

To provide a bit more context, here’s a summary of the situation:

The data extraction and processing workflow remains unchanged, where data is fetched from a SQL database, processed, and embeddings are generated accordingly.

Initially, the entire dataset could be uploaded in one go without any issues.

As of this week, only a fraction of the data gets uploaded before encountering an “Internal Server Error”.

The error occurs despite ensuring data integrity, correct formatting, and adherence to Pinecone’s guidelines for embeddings upload.

Could you please advise on any server-side changes that might have occurred recently or provide guidance on what might be causing this new issue? Your expertise and insights would be invaluable in helping me diagnose and resolve this problem.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter

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