Index.fetch operation doesnot work when ids have spaces in between

From the picture above,u can see I have a vector with id = ''PP 3465" in my vector database when I use Index.query method.
For same id,if I used Index.fetch operation I was not getting the vector for this corresponding id. This problem only comes when there are spaces in the ids. Can u help me in this ?

Hey @ritik we’re looking into this. It might be a bug, so thanks for reporting it.

In the meantime could you try using the gRPC version of the Python client?
Install it with:

pip install -U pinecone-client[grpc]

Then connect to the index with

index = pinecone.GRPCIndex("index-name")

Hey @greg . I tried using the gRPC version,it’s working very well.Thanks :slight_smile:

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