Import existing index from Chroma?

Hey - I have an index of OpenAI embeddings in Chroma - can I somehow import this into Pinecone?

Hi @emilesilvis, sorry for the late reply. There’s no “automatic” way of importing data from Chroma at the moment (although you can submit a feature request). You could create a script which will either:

  1. Read all embeddings from Chroma, write them to disk, then upsert them all into Pinecone in batches.
  2. Read the embeddings from Chroma in batches, and write each batch to Pinecone.

Thanks @rschwabco, those are good ideas.

You can migrate all of your collection data with this open-source tool I built from Chroma into Pinecone in a click.

It will automatically re-map the metadata, vectors, namespaces, and ids into Pinecone with no loss.

Note: Make sure your Index dimensions match what you expect to come out of Chroma!

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