I would like to know about the shirts

Hello I’m new to pinecone
Provided i get a shirt will shipping be covered? Also can this serve as the intro thread for the
givaway? Email is impetus1@protonmail.com

Same question here, can anyone from the team confirm ?

Hey @tris_pine and @Impetus yes the shipping is covered, don’t sweat it :slight_smile:

How do you get a shirt?

@jonbaer we’ll follow up soon (after 24-hour deadline) with a link to claim the t-shirt. Thanks for joining!

I’m also interested in the t-shirt :slight_smile:

Great to be joining the Pinrcone community. Looking forward to the discussions here. Also, It would be great to receive t-shirt. :blush::pray:

I remembered to sign up for my shirt however it would seem the link has expired. Gift Giveaway
Please let me know if there is any other way of getting my shirt. Thanks.