I want to chat directly with already stored docs in pinecone namespace

I made a flow In langflow, but when I chat with it says AS AI model I cannot access to pinecone

Hey @muaz, if you’ve set up Pinecone to find and feed relevant context to the model, then you don’t have to ask the model to check Pinecone. It will automatically get the context from Pinecone. The model itself doesn’t “know” it’s doing that.

@greg Yes I have setup the Pinecone it’s apikey, namespace, index name,]. but when I ask question I says as AI model I dont have access to pinecone db.

@greg I don’t know what kind of pdf’s are present in this namespace right but there are pdf’s. As a new user I want to know what pdf are present in pinecone so I ask this question and as you see it says this