I have a problem to upsert data via the API

I use power automate to get ticketing data in JSON and then to convert that data into embeddings using the ada embeddings model from openai. The result is a nice vector data that is given to the API in a string, however i keep getting errors in the syntax, can someone point me in the right direction?

Hereby the error:

vectors[0].values[0]: invalid value "-0.0011578954, 0.015438605, 0.00045664076, -0.015899055, -0.0074281357, 0.017578341, 0.017591884, -0.013400438, -0.009716841, -0.012256086, 0.017713768, 0.017740853, -0.016088651

i have taken out some of the code, but when i upload the full vector string to the web interface it works completely fine. any ideas?

Hi @t.piek. Keep in mind that vectors aren’t strings; they’re floats. Specifically, a list of floats. So you have to make sure you’re passing the right kind of data to Pinecone or you’ll get errors like this.


The string as in input in the UI probably works because the Pinecone Team can expect the input to try to return a string value and then parse it into a Float array.

The API does not have this force-parse because that’s not its responsibility - the API requires a list of Float values so all you need to do is make sure the vector array is a list of Floats going into Pinecone.

That being said, the vector values from OpenAI are returned in the correct format already (list of Floats) so you shouldn’t be doing any type conversions before upsertion


Thnx for the answer, i found a fix within power automate and can nu upsert my vectors to pinecone.

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