I am trying to Query using Metadata Filtering, specifically over array of strings, Returning No Data

I am using pincone typescript client, and was not able to filter the query using metadata.
So I tried the same set of queries using CURL, and I think few syntax are not working.
or I am doing something wrong ?

metadata: {
 tags: ["Creator", "Consumer"]

Now after storing vectors, and now trying to query the data

"vector": [.....]
"filter" : { "tags": { "$in": ["Creator", "creator"] } }, 
"namespace" : "valid-namespace",
"topK": 4,
"includeMetadata": true,

I am getting results if I use

"filter": { "tags.0": "Creator"}, 

For other ways, I am not getting the results:

  "filter": { "tags": { "$in": ["Creator", "creator"] } }, 
  "filter": { "tags": { "$eq" :"Creator"} }, 
  "filter": { "tags": "Creator"},

how do I fix it ?