How to restore an archived index?

I got an email yesterday that my index was going to be archived unless I used it. So I made a query against it to prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent me from getting an email today that my index had indeed been archived. But, it said, I could restore the vectors from the collection.

  1. What does “inactivity” really mean? Apparently one query is not enough - what is?
  2. How do I “restore” the index?


Inactivity is based on 7+ days where no API call has been made to the index. In some cases there is period between when the archival process starts and the index is archived. We are working to reduce the chance of this happening in the future.

Each archived index is turned into a collection that can be spun back up as an index. We’ll make sure this is more clear in future emails.

@roleary in the meantime, please see Manage Indexes for steps on creating an index from a collection.

Thanks for the explanations! It wasn’t immediately clear to me that a collection could be used to create the index, but I see that now.

I have the same problem, but I would like to solve it from the web platform of Pinecone without coding. How can I do it?

Specifically, I recieved an email saying “Your inactive index has been archived Starter indexes are archived after 7 days of inactivity The index documents in project Starter has been archived due to inactivity. The index can be restored from the collection documents.” How can I restore my index from the web platform of Pinecone (i.e., without coding)?

Hi @andrea.tracemaker

in the dashboard navigate to Collections on the left side. Then on the right side of the listed collections click the “Create Index” button and follow the steps there. (See the attached photos)

Hope this helps

Thanks for your help and kindness, but my dashboard does not display a ‘Collections’ item, i.e. it shows “Starter | Indexes | API Keys | Members”.

Is it possible you have multiple Pinecone organizations?

No, just one organization. Thanks for your help!

@andrea.tracemaker since you’re on the Starter plan, your account doesn’t have collections. If you upgrade and create a new, non-starter project, that project will have access to the collections feature.

Many thanks! I imagine that, if I join a paid plan now, my previous data will not be revived. Is it so?
I understand that the pricing of the Standard plan depends on the index uses, but I am unsure whether the minimum price is $70 or not. In other words, will I pay a minimum of 70$ at the end of the month or the fee can be lower (if the usage is low)?

Thank you in advance

Unfortunately, that’s correct. Because the starter region uses a very different architecture than the paid regions, there’s no way to migrate data from one to the other. You would have to upsert your data again.

We know this is a pain and are working on a long-term solution. Some third-party tools handle this, but we haven’t fully vetted them yet, so I can’t share them by name. But if you look through the forums over the last few weeks, you’ll see one mentioned repeatedly.