How to Prioritize Certain Websites in Chatbot Responses?

Hi Pinecone Community,

I’m building a chatbot that interacts with various websites. I need to give more importance to some websites over others. I’ve included an “importance” score in the metadata for each document. How can I adjust the relevance scores during queries to reflect this “importance” metadata?

from what I understand hybrid search is not the solution. Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tiago, and thanks for your question!

Adding an importance score to your metdata is a good idea - as it gives you several options:

  1. Having your application code do some post-query filtering, for example to re-sort responses based on their importance value
  2. Creating some kind of application-specific blended weight that incorporates both Pinecone’s returned relevance score and the importance value for your given item and using that to re-rank your retrieved set
  3. Prompting any LLM your chatbot application uses to do #1 and #2 on its own, or to pay special attention to the items with the highest importance value.

You could also look into metadata filtering, which would allow you to require a minimal importance score at query time.

I hope this helps!