How to fetch ids from a namespace? Sample code in CRUL (not python not node.js but curl) preferred

My JavaScript code runs in Chrome browser trying to fetch ids from a namespace in Pinecode vector database.
There’s one sample code in CRUL from your service chatbot. But that doesn’t support namespace.

I don’t think that API exists. The only way to fetch data is to is by providing the list of IDs you want to fetch, at least according to the fetch API docs, which implies that you’re tracking them somewhere outside of Pinecone.

I’d love to see the fetch API expanded to take these optional arguments, consistent with the query endpoint:

  • namespace for limiting to a specific namespace
  • filter for filtering by metadata
  • includeMetadata flag for including metadata in the response
  • includeValues flag for including vector values in response

According to the doc the ‘fetch’ API accept multiple ids and namespace. Actually it accept only one id and ignore namespace. They’re simply bugs then.

Good catch, I missed the namespace param that’s there already.

But with the IDs param being required, you still have to know the IDs you want to fetch.