How to delete specific data from my pinecone index

Hi all,

I uploaded 2 pdf files inside my index via api. How can I delete 1 of the pdf file via API? I’m on Starter (free) plan.


@ssimarpreet11 Hi

I understand that you’ve vectorized PDF files in some way and uploaded them to Pinecone. In most cases, n number of vectors are generated from a single PDF file and stored as embeddings in Pinecone. Therefore, if you want to delete a specific PDF file, you will need a unique identifier (such as a filename) to identify all the embeddings associated with that PDF file.

In this case, metadata is commonly used.

If you did not set such an identifier at the time of upload, it might be best to start from creating the index again to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Thanks very much for this. That’s helpful.
But unfortunately I’m on starter plan, hence I don’t think I can delete by metadata.
Is there any other way around?


Don’t worry. This feature is available even on the starter plan. I have actually tested it in my own starter plan environment and confirmed that it works.

I just love you :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:. Made my day. Thanks a lot for confirming :white_check_mark: