How to create indexes in another region,

Hello guys!

For the last 4 days Pinecone has been experiencing an outage in GCP APAC and GCP North America region, is there any way I can create indexes in another region? It seems I can’t find an option.


There is no such options for the Free tier as far as I am aware. There is however in the Standard tier (and above).

Hope this helps.

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Any idea when the outage will be sorted out? I think it is the longest in the last 90 days.

No problem!

No idea to be honest, but the NLP field is crazy at the moment :sweat_smile: I’ve been having outages with OpenAi for two weeks now, the requests are coming back 2 or more times slower than a month ago. But it is understandable I think as we are in the “super hype” times with the GPT and other LLMs :smiley:

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True man!

I too had a problem with the OpenAI API. The field doesn’t really have servers to support.

I am working on a project, being lingering from past 4 days on the Pinecone Status page.