How to batch query in python after queries has been depreciated?

I used to use queries=[list of embeddings] in my API call to batch query when using the API in python. However, queries has been depreciated. How do I batch query in python now?

We recommend making multiple calls async. What’s your use case for batching queries?

I need to batch query a few sentences in order to get a mXn array of results. I have around 10-30 sentences that I need to query at a time. Multiple calls using Async is something that I wouldn’t want to do as it will increase the query time. I am incorporating this querying as a function within my main script and deploying it to the cloud for a commercial product I’m developing. This is why I’d like to avoid making multiple calls or anything similar due to processing times and resource consumption on my end.

Have you tested performing the queries asynchronously? If so, what kind of performance were you observing?

We deprecated batch queries because in many cases our asynchronous approach actually proved to be more efficient.