How much namespace can we create there is any limit

how much namespace can we create there is any limit or not
i want to use pod not pinecone serverless

The namespace limit for a pods are not explicitly mentioned anywhere in the docs.

any buddy from pinecone team can answer this question

If you create a support ticket mentioning your pod type and region, they can directly answer it for you.

if i increase pod size then i can increase name size

Thanks @ayan.s.

@udaymungalpara108, pod-based indexes don’t have an effective limit on namespaces. There is an upper limit, but it’s in the billions; if you grow to that scale, we’ll be more than happy to work with you on how to manage that large an index/series of indexes.

During public preview, there is a limit on how many namespaces are supported on serverless. The goal is to reach parity with pod-based indexes by the time of general availability.


Thanks @Cory_Pinecone. Can we have this answer in the docs itself?

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