How does Namespace works behind the scenes

I was exploring the wonderful documentation and learn center, but I didn’t really get how Namespace should work. I mean, it says that we can create a multiple Namespaces in a single index , and then perform a query against one particular Namespace.

But as far as I understand from the [Multitenancy](multitenancy page) it’s not based on Metadata-filtering nor different index. So I’m really curios about:

  1. how do you perform similarity search in one particular Namespace?
  2. Is there any affect on its results? (in terms of accuracy and efficiency comparing using a different index for example)

Thank you!

@omrieliyahu144 namespaces are logical containers of data within your index. You specify them with the namespace parameter on queries.

But keep in mind that namespaces are no longer supported on the Starter tier. To use them you have to upgrade to the Standard or Enterprise plans.

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