How do I move data from old legacy collection to serverless index?

I am on a free starter plan. I have an archived legacy collection that I made a while ago. Now when I try to create index from it I get an internal error. I searched this forum and it seems that the legacy collection can not be made into serverless index. I saw this article:

But this does not help in my case as I can not create an index from my archived collection. I understand that I have to create a new serverless index. How do I get the data from my old legacy collection to it?

Hi @devascreative, can you please share a screenshot of the error message you see when attempting to create a serverless index from the collection?

If comfortable doing so, please also share the name of the collection so I can take a look internally.


The name of the collection is: wed-match-songs

@devascreative Thanks for your response. If you attempt to create an index without using a source collection (in other words, just an empty index), can you do so successfully?

@zeke_pinecone yes, then it creates it successfully.

@devascreative Thanks for your response. I have sent you a direct message to discuss details specific to your account.