How do I get the answer to a question quicker

Why does it take me a full minute to generate an answer using the following code?

def answer_with_pinecone(query, documents, embeddings):



    docsearch = Pinecone.from_texts(

        texts=[t.page_content for t in documents],

        embedding=embeddings, index_name=os.environ.get('index_name'))

    docs = docsearch.similarity_search(query)

    llm = OpenAI(temperature=0, openai_api_key=openai.api_key)

    chain = load_qa_chain(llm, chain_type="map_reduce")

    answer =, question=query).lstrip()

    return answer

I would much rather would take one second especially since this is for a production use case

I am very happy to pay for a premium subscription or a membership to your service if it will mean that I get faster response time. I am working for a client who has money to pay for this kind of thing period my main thing is just that I don’t want it to take a minute or a half a minute to get a answer to a question I wanted to take less than a second preferably.