Hey, I am new to Pinecone and I am trying to implement the vector search query method but I'm getting some errors

I’m developing a chatbot. All other data requests are functioning correctly. However, I encountered an error while implementing the query request. It seems to stem from the input data I’m attempting to query from the front end. I’m currently investigating this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @utsavjoshi602 and welcome to the Pinecone forums!

Thanks for your question.

It’s difficult to diagnose what might be going wrong from your description alone and without being able to see your code.

Could you please share all your relevant code that you’re asking for help with?

  1. The code that you used to create your knowledgebase / upsert data
  2. Your frontend code
  3. What response you’re expecting to see
  4. What response you’re actually getting back

Thanks! This information will help us diagnose what might be going wrong.


Here is my search query function and I am requesting through the postman.

There are no errors on my terminal, but I am unable to query it correctly.