Hey guys, I am in a free tier. My server is not working. All api call are getting failed

Hey guys, I am in the free tier. I created a index with name testing. I am calling that index through node js but all the api calls are getting failed. please give me the solution of this problem.

Thankyou in Advance.

Here is the error that I getting while inserting the data into the pinecone:

An internal server error occured while calling the https://testing-5j25we7.svc.gcp-starter.pinecone.io/vectors/upsert endpoint. To see overall service health and learn whether this seems like a large-scale problem or one specific to your request, please go to https://status.pinecone.io/ to view our status page. If you believe the error reflects a problem with this client, please file a bug report in the github issue tracker

Hello @ankurchaurasia002 , welcome to the forums.

There was an issue affecting Starter indexes last Satruday for a few hours. Everything should be good now.

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