Help with error message about vector array

Refactoring some code that was working I have REST call to vectors/upsert and for the values parameter I was taking the output from OpenAI and passing it directly. It is an array of floats that looks like this:

  "embedding": [

I then refactored the code to store these in an SQL table using nvarchar(MAX) to hold the giant string and when it comes back from an SQL query it looks like this:


(ignore that the numbers are different, the important difference is the lack of line breaks)

I wrap this string in [ and ] and pass it to the REST API but I get this blowback:

“message”: "vectors[0].values: invalid value

I am not sure whether the API thinks the array is wrapped in "" and it shouldn’t be or what. I am pretty sure the quotes are not there when I pass in the string but I have tried it both ways and no matter what I get the error message.

Here’s a snapshot of the exact body payload from a call that fails…

Nevermind, I see that my rest client is wrapping the array in quotes…