Has anyone connected Pinecone to LMStudio? Help please

Has anyone figured out how to connect Pinecone with LMStudio or its server? If so, please do tell how, even in outline.

Hi @gaoptimize and thanks for your question!

I haven’t used LMStudio before, so I’m curious: Is it for LLMs only, or will it work with other API-based services like Pinecone?


Hi Zack, There are a fairly large number of desktop LLM users (community at Reddit - Dive into anything ) that use LMStudio, for its flexibility and user-friendly features. There is at least one Vector Database that has been integrated with LMStudio. ( GitHub - BBC-Esq/VectorDB-Plugin-for-LM-Studio: Plugin that creates a ChromaDB vector database to work with LM Studio running in server mode! ). With that being said, I’m still looking for a web-based or desktop utility that will vectorize my Microsoft Office, .pdf, and JSON files into Pinecone. I’ll connect Pinecone to my Gemini account using API, but I’d still like to use the LLMs I run at home, with LMStudio, with Pinecone.

I am having a hard time understanding why I can’t just drag-and-drop my Microsoft Office, .pdf, .txt and JSON files into a window at Pinecone and have you populate my index. I’ve done it at AskSage.ai, but I need a Pinecone Vector DB I can control and connect.