gRPC and threads

When using the Python gRPC client, how does one set ‘pool_threads’.
(This is mentioned in the Performance Tuning documentation but I do not see an example.)


There is an example here:


Thanks for the pointer, but isn’t the link you sent using the regular Python client:

with pinecone.Index('example-index', pool_threads=30) as index:

But trying something similar with the gRPC client gives an error:

with pinecone.GRPCIndex('example-index', pool_threads=30) as index:

Hey @sjg , the gRPC client uses a different implementation for async, hence we don’t use pool_thread there. Instead, it relies on gRPCs async stubs and hence the upsert call returns a future.
You just need index.upsert(vectors=data,aync_req=True). You will have do some thread management yourself if you want to use a thread pool for gRPC

Thanks @rajat , makes sense