Getting pinecone.core.client.exceptions.ForbiddenException suddenly but it was working before?


This is my first time making a chatbot and I have deployed the chatbot I made on the streamlit using pinecone embedding.
The app was working fine before, but I have suddenly faced with this error just today.

My friend was helping me test the app and faced this issue too, but the problem was immediately fixed after refreshing the site. However, I am keep getting this same error no matter how much I refresh it. How could I solve this? The API key is written correct, and I also tried putting ‘time.sleep(10)’ before making the vectorstores.

Updated: It worked again when I just asked a question, but the error is keep happening again after that.

Thank you in advance!

Unless streamLit caches the code to be run that would be the only reason you would have it not work in your browser but in another person’s browser, it work fine.

Open the tab in incognito, otherwise this is an issue with your code which we would need to see it to help debug (remove keys!)

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