Getting error of environment region how to resolve in free tier

HTTP response body: API key is missing or invalid for the environment “us-west1-gcp”. Check that the correct environment is specified.

How to resolve the region in free tier.

Hi @iamnauman850

Thank you for the question, and I’m sorry you’re encountering issues.

Could you please share the code you’re running that gives this issue?

Also, did you double-check that your API key is exported correctly? Can you access it via your shell or your code?

To sanity check that your API key is set correctly in your shell your can run echo $PINECONE_API_KEY and ensure it matches exactly the key you’re trying to use in the API key panel of

The next thing to check is that your application code can read your key from your shell if you run this code locally. If you’re using Python you can look into os.getenv and printing the result to the screen, or if you’re running with TypeScript, check the value of process.env.PINECONE_API_KEY.

I hope that is helpful!