Get all distinct values from my metadata_config indexed fields

Hey all, I have an index which include metadata with 2 indexed fields.
I want to get all the distinct values of those metadata indexed fields - I didn’t found any way to do this except querying all the vectors from DB.
Is there any way to query this? I imagined something like SQL - SELECT distinct <INDEXED_FIELD1>, <INDEXED_FIELD2> from Index…


This is something I’m also very interested in. Meta data is the best way to organize vectors, and so it would be nice to have some tools for managing the meta data.

I’d love to be able to treat groupings of vectors like files in a file system (especially since they typically do come from files/sources), reporting on which groups existed, how big they were, and doing CRUD operations on them.

Much of that is possible, but meta data demographics seems to be a missing piece.

I’m also looking for it, it would be great to be able to get distinct values in all vectores inside a namespace.