General question about getting started with Pinecone


I’m a developer with limited knowledge on ML, but I understand what Pinecone does and the use-cases. I’m just wondering how experienced does one have to be to use Pinecone?

I understand that I will need to provide the embeddings, but it seems like creating embeddings can range from being pretty easy to very complicated. Is this more or less accurate?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

You don’t need to be very experienced. I don’t consider myself experienced at all in the ML space and I feel like its easy enough to work with.

Assuming you are wanting to work with Large Language Models which is all the rage right now you should be looking at LangChain to make your life working with Embeddings and Pinecone and ChatGPT API far easier.

Check out the YouTube videos on the subject as seeing it can be easier than going through the instructions sometimes especially when there are not a ton of tutorials out there yet.

Thanks @amazingjoe This was helpful!