ForbiddenException: (403) pls help help me with this error

create or connect to index

index_name = “sunnyday-monsub-2024”

if index_name not in pc.list_indexes():
pc.create_index(index_name, dimension=1536,metric=“cosine”,

connect to index

index = pinecone.Index(index_name)
For the above code i am getting the below error

ForbiddenException: (403) Reason: Forbidden HTTP response headers: HTTPHeaderDict({‘content-type’: 'text/plain;

@baidhimanshu02 Thanks for posting. To use serverless indexes, you must upgrade to the Standard plan.

You can upgrade in the console by going to Settings > Billing and selecting your desired plan. In the meantime, I will alert our product team about the confusing nature of this error message.

If you are currently on the Standard or Enterprise plans, please let us know and we can investigate further.

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