Flowise access 401 error

I am using Flowise and using the “Pinecone Load Existing Index” and I keep getting an error:

“Request failed with status code 401”
I have triple checked the API Key, Environment, and Index, all are correct.
environment: “us-east4-gcp”
index: “flowise2”

I noticed there were other folks having issues with the environment and 401 errors, but I don’t have access to code in flowise.

I was on the free account, but upgraded to see is that would work. It did not.
What could be wrong with this? Do I need to edit the code directly for a fix?

Hi @pealingthunder ,

Thanks for your question and I’m sorry to hear you’ve encountered this issue.

Given that your Pinecone API key, environment, and index values are all correct, this is likely an issue within the flowise codebase.

It sounds like you’ve already sufficiently verified your values, but you could also test them out in a Jupyter Notebook or one of our examples at github.com/pinecone-io/examples to verify your values.

Aside from that, you’ll likely have better luck if you ask your question as a GitHub issue on the flowise repository, as they’ll be more familiar with the code and able to determine if it’s a bug or not.

Also, please let us know if this is still an ongoing issue for you. Flowise looks like a very cool way to build AI applications!


I have just upgraded to the standard package.
I was connecting with Flowise previously on the free package.
I have now created a new index and added this to the pinecone components ( hsesay1 ).
I now get this error

A call to
returned HTTP status 404.

I can connect using python

from pinecone import Pinecone

pc = Pinecone(api_key=“xxxx-0d8c2cxxxxb9”)
index = pc.Index(“hseasy1”)

When I browse to https://api.pinecone.io/indexes/hseasy1 I get

api-key header is missing

Same issue when I upsert.

I have deleted the api key and recreated it (copy and pasting so no errors )

Any ideas please

Before going to bed… I deleted the index and created anew one called flowise and it works…