External Knowledge

Hello. I am new to Pinecone and I was wondering if it is possible to use external LLM knowledge to help answer queries. For example, say I have my database loaded with various autobiographies, X, Y, and Z. The autobiographies don’t mention about the birthdate of any of the authors. Would it be possible to implement code using the LLM’s external knowledge to answer your question?


I might not be completely understanding your question correctly. If there’s a misunderstanding, I’d appreciate if you could provide more information.

First, is your question referring to points ① and ② in figure A? If so, such a feature is not currently provided.

The approach typically used for this kind of problem is depicted in figure B. In this approach, if the LLM determines that there is not enough information to generate a response to the initial prompt, it instructs the program to gather additional information from sources like the internet. Once all the information has been gathered, it generates the final answer.

I hope this helps clear up your question.