Expanding pod size beyond x8


Is it possible to increase the pod size by more than x8? I’m reaching the limit.

If I can’t increase by x8, what’s the solution? If I add multiple pods, how can I use langchain to search for vectors across multiple pods if we’re using namespaces?

Hi @ali

I don’t think it is possible to scale an index to more than 8 pods. You could fire two searches over two indexes but you will have to use the same namespaces in both indexes. It would mean two calls, but you could do them in parallel. It is a bit of a hassle, but this is a viable option.

If you are using a Standard or Enterprise plan I would contact support directly and see if scaling more is a possibility (via some other agreement with Pinecone).

Hope this helps

EDIT: Facepalm ofc you can scale you index with more pods, you were speaking of pods that can’t be scaled to more than x8 size, eh brainfart, sorry @ali

Thanks. I’ll reach out to them to see if they can do it.

Hi @ali ,

x8 is as large as pods go, there aren’t any options for larger ones. If you need more space you’ll need to upgrade to have a second pod.