Even for standard plan, getting error "The index exceeds the project quota of 2 pods by 1 pods."

I’m paying for standard plan. and i still get error when i try to crease second index.
"HTTP response body: The index exceeds the project quota of 2 pods by 1 pods. Upgrade your account or change the project settings to increase the quota.

simple create stmt:
pinecone.create_index(index_name, dimension=128, metric=“cosine”)

what am i doing wrong? I thought standard plan can do as many indexes

Hi @triestpine,

Standard plan customers can also open support tickets at support.pinecone.io if you need faster help in the future.

Each project has its own quota of pods. We put this in place to prevent customers accidentally creating large numbers of indexes/using large numbers of pods, and then getting hit with the resulting bill. But you can edit the number of pods in the quota if you’re a project owner. Just go to Settings->Projects and click the edit button for the project.