Error when creating new Index

I had one index with the dimension of 1536. I then deleted that index and created a new one with a dimension of 2560 however now when I query I get an error:

PineconeClient: Error Calling query: ErrorWithoutStackTrace: Query vector dimension 1536 does not match the dimension of the index 2560.

The old index is gone, deleted, and the new index says ready but it appears as if its still looking at the old one?

Anyone know the correct answer to fix this?

Hi @molloy.steven,

Check that your queries are all using the new dimensions. If you were running queries on 1536 dimensions before, those same queries won’t work on 2560 dimensions. The dimensionality of both the stored data and the query have to match exactly, or else the vector math just doesn’t work.

Thank you Cory. The app I am using doesnt have a hard coded file to change the dimension. Is there a setting on the pinecone website I need to update?