"Environment" no longer shown for indexes?

I am integrating Pinecone with a platform that requests the environment. Unfortunately, the latest update to Pinecone has removed it from the Index details. Is there another place I can find the environment?

I’m attached screenshots of before/after

Hi @elliot, that’s correct; Pinecone no longer requires the environment to be part of the connection. Our latest SDKs all connect to a global control plane instead. This means a single project can now host indexes in different environments/cloud regions, and you only need to set the API key to use your indexes.

Which platform are you using to connect to Pinecone? We can reach out to those folks and make sure they’re using the latest Pinecone SDKs to remove this requirement of knowing the environment.

hi @Cory_Pinecone , if you could help me, I am having a couple issues with pinecone, firstly, I am using an old version of pinecone without an environment setup in order to use pineconeClient but obviously, because of that I am facing the [PineconeError: Failed getting project name. TypeError: fetch failed] error.
Could you please tell me how can I use pineconeClient in the new pinecone versions?
Thank you.

hello @Cory_Pinecone
I need assistance with my data manipulation platform, I’m using Airbyte.
I’m encountering an issue with configuring Pinecone as the destination for my data. They are asking for an environment name, but in the latest update of Pinecone, this variable is no longer required. Could you please help me resolve this?